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We at SPARC DESIGN see design as a means of heightening the human level of consciousness and spatial experience. As one of the top architecture firms in Pune, we believe that designers have a sense of obligation towards the community to make a difference in the lives of people. 

a piece of sky
residential: 7500 sqft

Step into a home that encapsulates the essence of A Piece of Sky. In this extraordinary project, we’ve orchestrated a symphony of lights and shadows, mirroring the ethereal beauty of the sky and infusing the space with a captivating sense of motion. Throughout the residence, a palette of serene blues, deep blacks, and subtle greys has been thoughtfully curated, weaving the enchanting twilight ambiance into its very essence. The sky serves as an ever-changing canvas, inspiring us with its shifting hues and forms. Our project, A Piece of Sky, pays homage to this timeless beauty. The interplay of blues, greys, and blacks at dusk seamlessly integrates into the architecture and interior of this home. Observing closely reveals the intricate dance between light and shadow in the living room, echoing the sun’s position and the sky’s allure. This artful use of natural light imbues dynamism and a sense of fluidity, evoking the sensation of being within a piece of the sky.

Ombre Home
RESIDENTIAL: 1900 sqft

For this home we have used materials which create an earthy feeling with a grounded and humble aesthetic  . The design language comprises of natural materials and soft curves . Tandoor stone , terracotta and wood have been enhanced by the infusion of brass elements .

Beyond aesthetics, the home aspires to be a dynamic fusion of culture and design, where art seamlessly integrates with tradition. The  interplay of colors and materials takes on a life of its own, shifting and illuminating with the sun’s movement. This residence is conceived as a living canvas, offering an immersive experience that evolves with the changing daylight, celebrating the beauty of cultural convergence and the artistry of architectural form.

Tailored Home
Residential: 6500 sqft

The Tailored Home is a confluence of design ingenuity and aesthetic finesse. Crafted with elegance as an inspiration point, each room tells a unique story. The wave light chandelier and repurposed marble center table in the living room echo the theme of modernity entwined with nature. The innovative powder room stands as a testament to our daring approach- Where style marries functionality seamlessly. In the Parents’ Bedroom, form and function harmonize, exemplifying comfort wrapped in sophistication. The kitchen, a play of contrasts, is a visual delight. Outdoors, a haven of serenity unfolds, inviting you to immerse in the soothing ambiance created by cascading waters, lush greens, and a thoughtful design.

Take a visual walkthrough of this project- https://youtu.be/IwZUvc81MAM?feature=shared

residential: 3,800 sq.ft

A reminiscence of the client’s childhood home back in Conoor, the entrance to this aspirational home blurs the exterior and interior spaces of the property in union. A court that lends a visual from every corner of the house, is an artistic ode to the play of light and shadow. The homage to an antique modernist mix is relevant and has been customized, making the home not only contextual, but a showcase of the nostalgic connection of the owners. Filled with several charming objects and antiques pre-owned by our clients which tell a story, the spaces are redolent with history.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giRSStY5hyo

Residential: 7,500 sq.ft

A memorable journey for the Sparc Design family as the client trusted the process and our vision throughout the project. The outcome; a timeless masterpiece originated through in-depth research and smooth communication with the client. A striking angular form is achieved by a  unique blend of RCC and ferrocrete elements. Intriguing skylights and spaces contrast to enhance the experience of the bungalow’s residents. The water bodies begin outside the bungalow and extend all the way indoors, creating a spectacular attribute with a calming effect while also establishing an indoor -outdoor connection . The interior design of Indrakunj utilizes passive cooling techniques as well as a touch of luxury and modern functionalism.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W54zvFP_k0

The Earth and Metal Office
Commercial: 3,500 sq.ft

The Earth and Metal office aims at creating a strong brand recall value, letting the customer learn and unravel from experience. The  design language resonates an earthy, organic &  sustainable palette -going back to the basics of the clients business.

Natural tandoor  stone in polished and river washed finishes along with strips of basalt forms the primary base palette; terracotta blocks laid into the flooring connect and act  as guides to enhance vertical visual connection. The textures add a unique character to the entire space, even more so when explored barefoot. The interactive partitions are designed in triangular blocks and fabrication – they swivel and rotate on a slight touch thereby making it possible to have a dynamic ever changing design –  adding a sense of fun and movement.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KrBpvIZR_M

Neutral Nest

A space set apart by the blend of neutral design elements. The use of subtle furniture and curves soften your gaze, bringing an inviting warmth to the entire apartment. To convey the aspirational value of a sample apartment, we chose a colour palette of beige and pastels suffused with understated luxury. The gentle curves seen across the project allow one to flow through the expansive space, soaking in every detail. The master bedroom features a veneer detail bed back, arched lighting and a solid wood side table.

An oasis of cohesive design, the living room sees beige white panelling seamlessly curve onto the feature wall. The bespoke neutral furniture and minimal lighting create a space that celebrates neutral tones and hints of pastel. The Neutral Nest is our testament to an aspirational space steeped in comfort, silent luxury and expanse.

residential: 2,000 sq.ft

Minimalism and matte weave together to conceive a dramatic design canvas. Styled as The Matte House, the project was designed keeping in mind the persona of our clients;The client’s inclination towards monochromatic and rustic appeals led the pathway to our conceptualization. The living room flooring is furnished with black vitrified tiles that fold on to the walls to create an illusion of depth added to the space. The ceiling and walls coalesce seamlessly by a concrete finished texture paint. The dining table and console are fashioned from concrete cast slabs to complement the minimal furniture in wood finishes and smoothened curves. The  Matte house carries an element of surprise with bursts of colour in various nooks thereby adding  flavor and character to this home .

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j9LzbEFBDg

The Tessellated House
Residential: 3,500 sq.ft

A home characterized  by patterns ,art and colour. A two-story house bolstered by warm motifs, spaces you’d be at ease with at any time of day, and rooms peppered with a gorgeous green and blue palette, was intended to captivate with each quick glimpse.

A  magnificent sculpture at the entrance catches one’s attention . This detailed dimensional piece of art adds a rich, multi-layered focal point for the space. While infusing the metaphors of confidence and boldness, the sculpture depicts strength with elegance and panache .The Tessellated House was designed to impart an immediate sense of belonging to its colorfully curated interiors.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AKicwtTThY

The Metal and Tool Project
Commercial:2,400 sq.ft

A thorough research on the company products largely dealing in metal cutting tools from the automotive sector , helped us understand that sprockets ,gears and metal  were their key products -hence arriving at our primary material palette .

The floor space is split into three floors of 800 sqft each. Transparency and visual connect is maintained with the help of glass profile partitions. A diagonal flooring pattern and end to end linear ceiling lights create a seamless cohesive space .

Detailing and a strong design connect form some of the key elements of this project: gear and metal compositions form furniture details ;Corten steel and glass framed compositions form the office divisions;  The workstation separators have industrial processes printed on glass; Gears have been used for tea coasters as well.

The Breakroom restaurant
Commercial:2,200 sq.ft

The concept of this distinctive restaurant captivated us as creatives, a treat to work on. The idea of this restaurant was as direct as the name suggests; a place to unwind and take a break from your busy day. Bearing the former in mind, we aimed at creating a space that was comfortable yet intriguing. Several designs were produced to depict everything else pertaining to a break informally. The leisurely setting makes an effort to convey a lighthearted atmosphere. The elements that make up the restro-pub are sliced and placed on triangle-shaped planes. Persuading a path towards more sustainable and responsible design, we upcycled and recycled cast-off materials to match the easy atmosphere of the space.

Sparc Design Office
Commercial: 2,000 sq.ft

We give meaning to space with a project that stands to be immensely close to our hearts. The Sparc Design studio exhibits a cornucopia of imagination, colour, and purpose. Through subtly placed inlays on the reception, conference, and workstation tables, the golden ratio finds its eminence throughout the space. The “outdoor meeting pocket” is highlighted by the sculpture of the modular man. The floors, exposed ceiling, and walls made of raw bison board paneling with architectural symbols give the studio’s overarching aesthetic its contemporary industrial appearance

Residential: 1,800 sq.ft

The House of Hues’ design ethos attempts to enlarge space and tie it to dramatic elements in some of today’s most contemporary interior environments. A home with a base gray palette contrasted with pops of color and hues – a motif connects the two planes of the living room wall creating a connected aesthetic when viewed from different angles. Metallic tints and minimal contemporary light fittings create the contemporary interior environment of this home. The highlight chandeliers in the dining and living areas attract the eye as soon as one enters the home, immediately after the circular lights at the door welcomes one into the house.

Earthy Woven Cafe

From visualization to delivery in 60 days, we crafted the Earthen Woven Cafe as a haven for earthy and inviting design. A neutral palette of beige and light wood contrasts brilliantly against brightly coloured tiles and tones of orange. It features a ceiling installation that attracts the gaze of anyone engaging with the space. It is created with sweeping cane mats tastefully hung from the ceiling and a bespoke feature, LED lights carefully sewn in along the edges of the drapes.

The stairway connects to the mezzanine above, accentuating the volume while its wood and metal are set against terracotta and jute textures. A double-height space visible from the exterior, the cafe weaves earthy, neutral and dramatic design elements together. It creates an inviting space infused with a bevvy of orange tones.

Residential: 5,000 sq.ft

A true hearthstone for people seeking unrivaled relaxation, this homestay villa in Lavassa strives to offer a unique, cozy, rustic yet leisurely atmosphere. The textural palette is dominated by upscaled, sustainable materials and textures. A brickwork feature wall in the living room is enhanced with a herringbone pattern, which clashes cohesively with the flooring made of Kotah stone with patterns carved into it. A sophisticated ferro-crete staircase with a wood finish pops out against the back wall’s feature.To maintain the rustic appeal, each space plays with different wall finishes and textures. Different places are enlivened with color and vigor by flamboyantly patterned tiles. Wood, Shera panels, corrugated aluminum sheets, and chipboard have all been ingeniously employed to conserve the rustic and eclectic appeal of this Villa.

Fluid Home
Residential: 6,500 sqft
Mumbai - Pune Highway

The home demands your attention with a sweeping floor design pattern which runs right from the entrance lobby into the living area. The continuity of the patterns is maintained through texture and patterns onto the double height feature wall. Materials and colors echo throughout the space binding all in seamlessly for a cohesive aesthetic.

Mosaic house
RESIDENTIAL: 4,000 sqft

A home dipped in glamour and glitz – this neoclassical home creates its own unique opulence with the use of unique elements. Fluted and textured marble with hints of metal combined with a rich play of colours and textures lends this home its charisma and charm.

Commercial: 3,100 sq.ft

The company’s core beliefs are laid out in an abstract yet impactful manner throughout the striking design language of this office space, which gives it an earthy and eclectic appearance.This Netherlands-based seed import and export company desired their interior space to reflect what they do for their new Indian location. For this project, our design palette is flavourful, with references to the company’s history and work processes wrapped throughout.

Baked and Wired Cafe
Commercial: 900 sqft

A beautifully rendered  charming little café with grey epoxy flooring, a green ceiling with accent lights, and a feature wall reflecting the café’s pizza sizes.

Commercial: 2,100 sq.ft

The atmosphere, spatial configuration, and connections in between have all been carefully considered in light of the workplace’s primary goal. Considerably large beams jutting into the floor space have been softened by designing rafters along these beams and treating the junctions with glass partitions creating an expansive connection throughout the office space . The materials and tones chosen express the brand’s culture and core principles.

Fly High Office
Commercial: 1,200 sqft

This boutique workplace has a monochrome palette produced with grey marble flooring and metal accents. This dichotomy is disrupted by an olive green sofa. The herringbone pattern of veneer on the ceiling provides character. This office is beautifully streamlined yet bold, with a timeless appeal and a contemporary design language. The design palette features a deep natural tone that is enhanced by unadorned materials such as raw wood and glass.

Fly High Office
Commercial: 1,200 sqft

This boutique workplace has a monochrome palette produced with grey marble flooring and metal accents. This dichotomy is disrupted by an olive green sofa. The herringbone pattern of veneer on the ceiling provides character. This office is beautifully streamlined yet bold, with a timeless appeal and a contemporary design language. The design palette features a deep natural tone that is enhanced by unadorned materials such as raw wood and glass.

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