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We at SPARC DESIGN see design as a means of heightening the human level of consciousness and spatial experience. As one of the top architecture firms in Pune, we believe that designers have a sense of obligation towards the community to make a difference in the lives of people. 

Residential: 1,00,000 sqft

A serene sculptural fountain flanks the entrance to this residential complex . The structure’s symmetry is maintained by the landscape lines, which also connect the architectural form to the surroundings. Materials that converge on scenic space’s focal points define these axes. The environment is made more harmonious by a floating gazebo. Stone carvings and grassy mounds flank the plantation’s perimeter.

Commercial: 15 Acres

Explore this tranquil, peaceful, minimalist Wellness Resort designed by Sparc Design, The 15 acres site is all about the sweeping views of the Panshet lake. The concept revolves around healthy living and all things natural. A welcoming entrance with a grand Buddha sculpture and cabanas, render the ambiance calm and soothing aiming to capture the five senses . The cottages are modular in design and open out completely on almost all sides to capture the views and blur the interior exterior boundaries .

Commercial: 25 Acres
Village Garade , Dist Pune

This plotting scheme in Saswad( Garade Village-Pune) is an innovative venture aimed at investigating alternative principles and techniques in architecture. The project presents an excellent prospect to explore indigenous materials and recycled products, making it a distinctive and noteworthy undertaking for Sparc. Moreover, the entire studio was present on-site, working with their hands to fashion the exceptional mud homes that make this project truly special.

Dorabjee Mall
Commercial: 40,000 sqft

The landscape of the Royal heritage Mall follows the design language of the exterior largely Classical in design and detailing . The bold patterns , textures and materials along with the light fittings details and sculptural fountains; seamlessly colace to give the space its Classical opulent flavor.

residential: 3,800 sq.ft

A reminiscence of the client’s childhood home back in Conoor, the entrance to this aspirational home blurs the exterior and interior spaces of the property in union. A court that lends a visual from every corner of the house, is an artistic ode to the play of light and shadow. The homage to an antique modernist mix is relevant and has been customized, making the home not only contextual, but a showcase of the nostalgic connection of the owners. Filled with several charming objects and antiques pre-owned by our clients which tell a story, the spaces are redolent with history.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giRSStY5hyo

Residential: 7,500 sq.ft

A memorable journey for the Sparc Design family as the client trusted the process and our vision throughout the project. The outcome; a timeless masterpiece originated through in-depth research and smooth communication with the client. A striking angular form is achieved by a  unique blend of RCC and ferrocrete elements. Intriguing skylights and spaces contrast to enhance the experience of the bungalow’s residents. The water bodies begin outside the bungalow and extend all the way indoors, creating a spectacular attribute with a calming effect while also establishing an indoor -outdoor connection . The interior design of Indrakunj utilizes passive cooling techniques as well as a touch of luxury and modern functionalism.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W54zvFP_k0

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