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We at SPARC DESIGN see design as a means of heightening the human level of consciousness and spatial experience. As one of the top architecture firms in Pune, we believe that designers have a sense of obligation towards the community to make a difference in the lives of people. 

a piece of sky
residential: 7500 sqft

Step into a home that encapsulates the essence of A Piece of Sky. In this extraordinary project, we’ve orchestrated a symphony of lights and shadows, mirroring the ethereal beauty of the sky and infusing the space with a captivating sense of motion. Throughout the residence, a palette of serene blues, deep blacks, and subtle greys has been thoughtfully curated, weaving the enchanting twilight ambiance into its very essence. The sky serves as an ever-changing canvas, inspiring us with its shifting hues and forms. Our project, A Piece of Sky, pays homage to this timeless beauty. The interplay of blues, greys, and blacks at dusk seamlessly integrates into the architecture and interior of this home. Observing closely reveals the intricate dance between light and shadow in the living room, echoing the sun’s position and the sky’s allure. This artful use of natural light imbues dynamism and a sense of fluidity, evoking the sensation of being within a piece of the sky.

residential: 20,000 sq.ft

A relaxing retreat with an eclectic mix of tropical vibes and earthy hues.Thorough research, an understanding of the spiritual self and its importance with the external environment has led us to create this masterpiece. Earth, water, fire, air, and sky are the five basic elements in nature. Each of these elements corresponds to specific symbols and colors, and they also correspond to the chakras in the human body. Tattva’s various elements work together to create fusion between the human and the built environment, as well as spaces that allow people to experience these elements. Each floor at Tattva corresponds to one of these one-of-a-kind elements.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vir3_xAna4

Residential: 7,500 sq.ft

A memorable journey for the Sparc Design family as the client trusted the process and our vision throughout the project. The outcome; a timeless masterpiece originated through in-depth research and smooth communication with the client. A striking angular form is achieved by a  unique blend of RCC and ferrocrete elements. Intriguing skylights and spaces contrast to enhance the experience of the bungalow’s residents. The water bodies begin outside the bungalow and extend all the way indoors, creating a spectacular attribute with a calming effect while also establishing an indoor -outdoor connection . The interior design of Indrakunj utilizes passive cooling techniques as well as a touch of luxury and modern functionalism.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W54zvFP_k0

residential: 3,800 sq.ft

A reminiscence of the client’s childhood home back in Conoor, the entrance to this aspirational home blurs the exterior and interior spaces of the property in union. A court that lends a visual from every corner of the house, is an artistic ode to the play of light and shadow. The homage to an antique modernist mix is relevant and has been customized, making the home not only contextual, but a showcase of the nostalgic connection of the owners. Filled with several charming objects and antiques pre-owned by our clients which tell a story, the spaces are redolent with history.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giRSStY5hyo

The Textured House
RESIDENTIAL: 7,500 sqft

As the name suggests a variety of Textures in gray and terracotta form the dominant palette of this bungalow . Designed as a green bungalow with sustainable details and elements , an interesting north light filters the best light shadow during the morning hours . Louvers at the facade of this bungalow change direction with the angle of the sun to utilize the daylight to its advantage and create multiple kaleidoscopic overlays . 

The Vault House
Residential: 14,000 sqft

Sweeping dramatic ferrocement vaults characterize this corner plot home. The vaults exemplify strength and canvas a personalized yet unique character. Water Bodies and screens add dramatic plays of light and shadows which stream into the home at all times. The geometry binded with solidarity of built mass pose an assertion of delight.

RESIDENTIAL: 10,000 sqft

Every project’s design process is unique, and as a designer, often the most important part is to facilitate it. The angular frontage of this bungalow results in a contrasting cuboidal facade treated in various textures and materials. The contoured site allows for an intriguing split-level plan with a sunken living area that protrudes right into the landscape. A fiber screen protects the bungalow’s south end, creating shade as well as an impressive juxtaposition of light and shadow. The directional design language is mirrored in the interior details, involving cantilevered sit out areas. Light and shadow patterns have been ubiquitously used in the emergence of phenomenal patterns and light effects.

Winspire Residential
Residential: 55,000 sqft

The opulent and spacious apartments in this affluent residential complex, as well as the private penthouses, all adhere to modern design principles and were designed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of its residents. The elevation is highlighted by corner LED lighting, beamless soffits, and contrasted massing. Winspire residential is a representation of sheer symmetry, class and modern functionality wrapped together in a wonderful combination of homes for our residents.

Whispering Glades
Residential: 48,000 sqft

 A contemporary and  straight line language interacts with design and functionality, meticulously unifying the two to provide residents a profound experience.Light cleverly filters into the basement through one side open courts . This bungalow scheme has all the hallmarks of a luxurious dwelling in the bustles of the city through sheer work of modern and functional design.

The Armored Project
Commercial: 25,000 sqft

With a Client brief to create a skin around an existing building – the new facade was to speak of new age reforms into an existing legacy of a 36 year old family business. The facade speaks of change – a futuristic outlook and a new era for this construction company. A brass armor wraps itself around the old structure allowing light, ventilation and its drama to filter into the structure. A combination of basalt strips form the exterior screens. These elements of brass and basalt flow as a design language into the interior spaces as well.

Devi Crest Housing
Residential: 9,00,000 sqft

As its facade, the entire residential scheme is an interesting dynamic of fins and perfectly finished planes cast in Post-formed aluminum shuttering technology .This architecture is an attempt to translate our ethics and aesthetics into physical reality. The six buildings, all of which are similar in design, are treated as a mural, each adorned differently but together forming an interesting composition. The podium level landscape connects all six buildings and includes a basketball court, playground, and tennis court. The column beneath the podium ends in a planter at the podium level and is strategically lit to create a “wow” factor. A hotel, a shopping arcade, and offices are also located on the property.

Commercial: 3,00,000 sq.ft

The Next Gen International School exudes a futuristic approach with a splash of colors enticing enough to elicit a sense of happiness and revolution from the client’s vision. A parametric facade that changes orientation and color in response to changes in climatic conditions was designed in accordance with the Client’s philosophy of a futuristic vision. The key design elements of this project are outdoor classrooms, outdoor elements integrated into the interior, and experiential learning.

Take a visual walkthrough of the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d49B5JeiBqY

Residential: 2,00,000 sqft

Creating luxury holiday homes -The Avenue homes is a project for Kairos Developers at Lonavala. The project comprises bungalows in various sizes, a fully equipped clubhouse,  a gymnasium completed with  state of art facilities. A modern architectural rendition with a play of textures and a unique angular design language form the highlights of this project.

Commercial: 1,00,000 sqft

A unique appearance of 146 row houses with intricate light feature detail at the staircase block, coupled with ample sunlight and ventilation. Suhani Lal Sanghra perceives this project as an abode of harmony, with a newly designed facade articulating views that connect with the surrounding environment.

Residential: 2,400 sqft

The homeowner had a desire for a distinctive signature feature on the front of their house, and what better way to achieve this than incorporating the fingerprint of the lady of the house. To accomplish this, a stylish ferrocrete screen was utilized, complete with an engraved fingerprint pattern to create a one-of-a-kind mural on the home’s façade. The design of the house is characterized by slits and floating planes, which is carried through from the exterior to the interior detailing.

Commercial: 80,000 sqft

Located  at Parbhani, Nanded-  The exterior is clean and contemporary and straight line . The interior  space wraps a wave of overlapping shapes and vibrant hues. The color, walls, furnishing come together to create a space that feels like home. A vibrant color demarcates every floor and the spaces exude  a welcoming fun and child friendly warmth.

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