Architectural Digest Magazine: Celebrating Sparc Design’s Exceptional Creations

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December 13, 2023
Picture a sprawling 4,100-square-foot Pune home

Architectural Digest Magazine, the illustrious publication known for its celebration of luxurious homes, groundbreaking architectural feats, and innovative design brilliance, has cast its spotlight on Sparc Design. Renowned for its extraordinary prowess in reshaping spaces and creating enduring artistic marvels, Sparc Design emerges as a prominent luminary in architectural innovation and sophistication.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the exceptional craftsmanship of Sparc Design recognized by Architectural Digest, highlighting the transformative journey of spaces into timeless symbols of architectural brilliance and design excellence. Join us as we explore the visionary world crafted by Sparc Design, where architectural ingenuity meets timeless artistry.

A Spacious Pune Home: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

A Spacious Pune Home: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Picture a sprawling 4,100-square-foot Pune home—a fusion of classical elegance and modern simplicity. This exceptional creation by Sparc Design beautifully blends nostalgic charm with contemporary functionality. Inspired by the picturesque landscapes of Coonoor, this residence resonates with memories from the past, seamlessly intertwined with modern amenities.

The house, now a part of Architectural Digest homes feature, lies within its central courtyard, adorned with rustic Dholpur stone. Over five years, the Parwani family’s dream of an antique modernist abode transformed into reality. It exudes an exquisite blend of heritage furniture and neoclassical elements, creating an immersive architectural narrative.

This charming café, spread across two levels, immerses visitors in a warm

The Earthy Woven Café: Where Nature Meets Cuisine

Imagine stepping into The Earthy Woven Café—a 5,100-square-foot culinary haven crafted by Sparc Design. This charming café, spread across two levels, immerses visitors in a warm, inviting ambiance, resonating with earthy tones and vibrant foliage-inspired hues.

Principal architect Suhani Lal Sanghra brilliantly incorporated textures like cane, wicker, and clay, blending them harmoniously with saffron and green accents. This fusion not only creates an inviting atmosphere but also elevates the dining experience. The café’s double-height space, adorned with sweeping cane mats and flexible LED lights, envelops visitors in a captivating aura.

Architectural Digest Magazine’s Sky-Inspired Bungalow: Capturing the Essence of Celestial Beauty

Architectural Digest Magazine’s Sky-Inspired Bungalow: Capturing the Essence of Celestial Beauty

Sparc Design’s prowess shines in a remarkable 4,500-square-foot bungalow—a modern masterpiece that mirrors the ever-changing beauty of the sky. Nestled in Pune, this residence embodies the sky’s dynamism within its architecture and interiors.

Defined by sleek exteriors and an interplay of light and shadow, the bungalow effortlessly blends movement and tranquillity. Granite louvres, vertical slits, and metal screens echo the sky’s energy, creating an ambiance of sophistication. Within this abode, soft hues, sleek lines, and strategic lighting craft an elegant narrative.

 As Sparc Design’s projects grace the pages of Architectural Digest Magazine, the acknowledgment highlights the firm’s dedication to crafting spaces beyond functionality. Each creation encapsulates architectural innovation, harmonising nostalgia, modernity, and aesthetic brilliance. With Sparc Design’s visionary expertise, architectural spaces transcend the mundane, offering an invitation to a world where design resonates with emotions and experiences.


Sparc Design stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the realm of architectural brilliance. The accolades received from Architectural Digest Magazine underscore Sparc Design’s unwavering commitment to transforming spaces into unforgettable experiences. Each project represents a symphony of tradition and modernity, weaving stories that transcend time and trends.

With an eye for detail and an innate ability to fuse nostalgia with contemporary design, Sparc Design elevates every space it touches. From exquisite homes that resonate with personal histories to captivating cafes inviting culinary adventures, Sparc Design’s creations reflect a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

As Sparc Design continues to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, its visionary expertise continues to redefine the way we experience spaces. With an impressive portfolio featured in Architectural Digest Magazine, Sparc Design proves its dedication to crafting environments that resonate deeply with emotions, inspiring admiration and appreciation for architectural finesse. Collaborating with Sparc Design ensures not just remarkable spaces but an extraordinary journey filled with innovation, creativity, and the promise of timeless elegance.