The Journey So Far: How We Became One Of Pune’s Leading Architects And Top Interior Designers

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March 2, 2023
Top Interior designer

A decade-plus of experience. 100+ successful projects across different industries. Hundreds of happy clients. Multiple awards. Features by renowned global publications. One force behind them all: Sparc Design. Here’s a sneak peek into our journey so far and how we became one of Pune’s top interior designers.


Spark //noun: Interests or passions that light a fire in a person’s life


An amalgamation of the words “spark” and the “arc” of “architecture“, Sparc Design was founded by Suhani Lal Sanghra in 2010 to honour, celebrate, and live the passion she has for this field.


Everything we do is an ode to this passion and an approach that has always created its own statement. We see design as a way of elevating the human level of consciousness and spatial experience. Our work has always been a reflection of this philosophy. It has helped us create some of the best interior designs featured and applauded globally.

Creating the best interior design- How we do it

Our expertise lies in the fields of Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Design, Master Planning, and Turnkey Solutions. High-end residential, Commercial, Office spaces, and Hospitality fall under our scope of work. And so far, we have successfully delivered more than 100+ such projects. 


We know that the best interior design is an expression of our client’s vision and our creativity.  That’s why we deliver design solutions with a unique personality and high functionality. We are also heavily inspired by nature. Our projects center around resilience, balance, and symbiosis between every element used.


A featured and celebrated Top Interior Designer

Many national and global platforms have recognised our work over the years. Many of your projects have been applauded for the stories we tell through spaces and the SPARC we create. Some of them include ICI Ultra Tech Awards, Architectural Digest, and Good Homes.


Here’s a feature story from Architectural Digest India for a project we call “The Antique Modernist House”-  


The beauty of repurposed antiques and contemporary styling is married to perfection to create a house that celebrates the memories of the client’s childhood. 


Our clients and referenceability rate tell the rest of the story

Here’s a client testimonial-

“They were receptive and captured our imagination. They were professional and enthusiastic from the start to completion of our wonderfully landscaped BLISS. We have worked with Sparc Design since many years and found their approach to be innovative, sympathetic and highly professional. Their Vision is great and every time we had the slightest of doubt the final look –  it came out excellent. We continue to recommend their services. The entire team has been very helpful at all times.”


Dheeraj Chopra

Director-Venkatesh Bhoomi Construction Co.Pvt.Ltd.


Offering the best of interior design and architecture services along with a deep understanding of client psyche and vision is our forte. Get in touch with us today to explore all the ways we can add a sparc to your space too!

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