Home Renovation 101: Tips from a leading interior design firm

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March 20, 2023
Home renovation

Planning a home renovation soon? Having remodelled various homes in 16+ years of our operations, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeve that might help you kickstart this seemingly daunting journey. 


Basics before aesthetics

We have seen so many of our clients jumping the gun and starting with the aesthetic end of things before the basics are covered. But here’s a rule of thumb that will benefit you in the long run: Any luxury renovation project has to start with a property health check. This includes your electric work, plumbing structures, roofing, and wall repairs. Taking care of this groundwork during the initial stages is always easier.


What’s the theme?

There is a purpose behind starting your home renovation– Defining what it is and what it looks like can offer great value throughout the process. From energy efficiency to redefining the aura of the space, they can elevate your surroundings on many levels. And since a lot of time, energy, and running costs will go into making your dream home happen, it’s great to have clarity on your goals from the start.


For example, do you want your luxury renovation output to look like this-

Or this ?

Home renovation

These homes clearly have very distinct themes. And the clients we created them for had a clear understanding of their vision from the start.


Popular home themes include: Classic style, Bohemian, Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Urban Modern, Minimal, Farmhouse, and Transitional. 


But first, the kitchen!

We always recommend starting a home renovation from the kitchen. It’s the heart of every home and one of the most used spaces in every house. It’s also a space that requires some of the most labour-intensive work. Ticking this space off your list at the initial stages can also make the later stages of the process more convenient. We also see some of our clients getting stuck with their kitchen renovation decor. While there is no need to play on the exact decor lines finalised for the rest of the house, we suggest sticking to the same theme or adding elements of relatability to the kitchen. 


Dream home renovation calls for a dream team

We cannot stress this enough: Any luxury innovation project requires the input, creativity, and capabilities of an experienced team of professionals. To actually bring your vision to life (or create something even better), you need an interior design firm that can interpret and enliven it. From saving time and energy to reducing stress, quality professionals and firms can add tremendous value to your remodelling project. 


These are our learnings from 16+ years of experience in renovating spaces. We hope these tips come in handy when you start your dream home remodelling. As a leading architecture and interior design firm, we at Sparc Design, combine technical and creative prowess to create synergistic spaces. To know more about our work, head to our website or Instagram now.