Bedroom interior design tips: Expert guide to get it right

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May 22, 2023
Bedroom interior design tips

Bedroom interior design tips for a space that becomes your retreat to rest, relax, and rejuvenate!

Bedrooms should reflect our personal style and aesthetic, while also being functional and comfortable. However, designing a bedroom can be challenging, particularly when trying to achieve the perfect balance of form and function. From our 16+ years of experience in designing homes, we have curated these expert tips to help you create a bedroom that reflects your personality and style.

Focus on the bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so it’s essential to choose a bed that not only looks great but is also comfortable. Invest in a high-quality mattress and bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep, and choose a headboard that complements the style of your room. If space permits, consider adding a footboard or a bench at the end of the bed for added style and functionality.

Layer your lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any home interior design, and the bedroom is no exception. In addition to a central overhead light, consider adding table lamps, floor lamps, or wall sconces to provide layered lighting options. This creates a more visually appealing space, setting the mood to unwind and lounge.

Add a statement piece

A statement piece, whether a unique piece of artwork, an eye-catching rug, a designed wall, or a bold piece of furniture, can add personality and style to any bedroom. Choose a piece that speaks to you and your aesthetic, and use it as a focal point for the room’s design. A statement piece can also inspire colour and pattern choices, helping to tie the room and home interior design together.

bedroom interior design

Create a cohesive colour palette

When it comes to house interior design, a cohesive color palette is key to creating a visually appealing space. In the bedroom, stick to calming and soothing colours, such as soft neutrals, greens, and greys. If you want to add a pop of colour, choose one or two accent colours to incorporate into the space. Use these colours throughout the room, from the bedding and curtains to the accessories and artwork, to create a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Here’s an example from our project, “The Neutral Nest”-

Maximize storage

A cluttered bedroom is never conducive to rest and relaxation, so it’s essential to maximize storage to keep the space organized and tidy. Consider built-in storage options, such as shelves or cabinets, to maximize floor space. Invest in multi-functional furniture, such as a bed with built-in storage or a nightstand with drawers, to provide extra storage options without sacrificing style.


Pay attention to textures

One of the most overlooked bedroom interior design tips is looking at textures. It can add depth and dimension to any space. Incorporate texture through bedding, rugs, curtains, and throw pillows, using a mix of materials such as linen, cotton, wool, and velvet. This not only adds visual interest but also creates a more tactile and comfortable space.


Don’t forget the ceiling

Finally, don’t forget about the ceiling when designing a bedroom. A unique ceiling treatment, such as a painted pattern or a statement light fixture, can add interest and style to any space. This is also an opportunity to play with colour and texture, creating a cohesive and visually interesting space.


Sparc Design for expert bedroom interior design tips and bringing them to life-

In conclusion, designing a bedroom is all about finding the right balance between form and function, personal style and comfort. Follow these basic but cohesive tips to create a bedroom you’d love coming to after a long day. With years of experience and having worked on 100+ projects, each with a unique style, we can deliver a home interior that is true to you, your style, and your needs. To have your vision brought to life with a creative eye, attention to detail, and design expertise, connect with us today.